Alex Rocco Net Worth

How much is Alex Rocco worth?

Net Worth:$800 Thousand
Date of Birth:February 29, 1936 (87 years old)
Profession:Actor, Voice Actor
Alex Rocco Net Worth:
$800 Thousand

Alex Rocco Net Worth: Alex Rocco was an American actor who had a net worth of $800 thousand dollars. Born February 29, 1936 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is most noted for his role as a Las Vegas syndicate boss named Moe Green who gets a bullet in the eye during the violent christening sequence of Mario Puzo’s Oscar-winning movie The Godfather (1972).

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Actor Alex Rocco has a networth that has to be considered decent.

Inspirational Quotes by Alex Rocco

I learned to bet the Red Sox, the Celtics, Suffolk Downs. I thought it was a glorious life - pull up to the doughnut shop, spread out, and plan your day.

Alex Rocco

I'm Italian. I wouldn't know how to play a Jew.

Alex Rocco

I was a young kid; I did a little time in the Billerica House of Correction, and it basically turned my life around because I said, 'Oh, I'll never be locked up again. They're not taking away my privacy.' So I flipped a coin: heads - Miami, tails -California.

Alex Rocco

I don't mean you have to be overbearing, but you have to stay on top of things - read the trades, know what's going on in the town. I call it 'dare to be stupid.' The worst thing they can say is, 'We got nothing for you.' So I've hustled a lot.

Alex Rocco

I worked in this bar called the Raincheck Room in the '60s; it used to be over on Santa Monica Boulevard, and, y'know, it was a pretty hip place. Lots of actors hung out there.

Alex Rocco