Alexander Gould Net Worth

How much is Alexander Gould worth?

Net Worth:$4.8 Million
Date of Birth:May 4, 1994 (29 years old)
Height:1.7 m, 5 ft 6 in
Profession:Actor, Voice Actor
Alexander Gould Net Worth:
$4.8 Million

Alexander Gould is an American television actor and voice artist who has a net worth of $4.8 million. Alexander Gould has earned his net worth on the Showtime TV series Weeds, as Shane Botwin and as the voice of Nemo in Pixar’s film Finding Nemo. He was born on May 4, 1994 in Los Angeles, California, he is active in his religion and the Jewish youth group USY.

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Actor Alexander Gould has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.

Personal Life

He parents are named Tom and Valerie and he has two younger sisters named Emma and Kelly.

He voiced Bambi in Disney’s Bambi II and Patrick Stewart voiced the Great Prince.

Inspirational Quotes by Alexander Gould

Yeruham's small. You walk five minutes, and you're in the desert.

Alexander Gould

I ski, I snowboard, I've started to get into skydiving a little bit. I'm a little bit of a thrill-seeker.

Alexander Gould

Practically the whole world depends on coral reefs, so if the coral reefs get all killed, then the ocean will start going out of whack, and if the ocean goes out of whack, something might happen on land.

Alexander Gould

I feel that a lot of roles in television can really typecast someone as one type of actor or playing one type of role, but I really don't think that my role in 'Weeds' did at all.

Alexander Gould

I think being on 'Weeds,' in general, makes it hard to think of me as Nemo anymore.

Alexander Gould