Ariel Winter Net Worth

How much is Ariel Winter worth?

Net Worth:$12 Million
Date of Birth:January 28, 1998 (26 years old)
Height:1.63 m, 5 ft 4 in
Profession:Actor, Singer, Voice Actor
Ariel Winter Net Worth:
$12 Million

Ariel was born 28th January 1998 in Fairfax, Virginia. Winter’s most successful role is Alex Dunphy in Modern Family series, where she’s starring together with other hot actresses. Some of her bikini scenes made her fans wonder what is her bra size and dress size. She also played in Phineas and Ferb as Gretchen, Jake and the Never Land Pirates as Marina the Mermaid and Sofia the First as Sofia. Ariel is also a singer and has a band named WickedSweet. She has three dogs.

Ariel Winter is looking supreme as ever, and her net worth isn't too bad either.

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Actor Ariel Winter has a networth that has to be considered high.


Career: Ariel Winter’s acting career started early, and her first acting job came at the age of four with a Cool Whip commercial. From that day onwards, Ariel Winter became one of the most successful child actors in the industry, booking roles in series such as Listen Up!, Freddie, Monk, Bones, and ER. She also started her voice acting career quite early, voicing a supporting character named Gretchen in CBS’s animated series, Phineas and Ferb.

Personal Life

Personal Life: Ariel Winter was the subject of considerable controversy in 2012 when her sister tried to become Ariel’s legal guardian. Shanelle claimed that Ariel’s mother was being abusive, and the court ruled in favor of Ariel’s sister. Just three years later, Ariel was emancipated and her mother released a statement saying that the family had “moved on from the conflict.” Ariel Winter also has two dogs named Casper and Rocco.

Inspirational Quotes by Ariel Winter

Female empowerment really is important to me. I'm a big nerd of the books from the 15th Century and 16th Century, when the men had all the power and the women had none of it.

Ariel Winter

I've been working on my own music. I've been writing an album, stuff that's kind of personal to my own life.

Ariel Winter

All I've ever wanted is to be normal.

Ariel Winter

Mental illness doesn't need to be hidden or glorified. It should be normalized to where people feel comfortable sharing with their families and friends and know they're not alone. By opening up about my struggle, I'm hoping I can help someone who feels like they don't know what to do or when they can't accept their situation.

Ariel Winter

Growing up in the spotlight was quite possibly the worst for my self-esteem. I had a hard time finding confidence within myself.

Ariel Winter