Danny Lloyd Net Worth

How much is Danny Lloyd worth?

Net Worth:$400 Thousand
Date of Birth:January 1, 1973 (50 years old)
Profession:Actor, Teacher
Danny Lloyd Net Worth:
$400 Thousand

Danny Lloyd net worth: Danny Lloyd is an American teacher and former child actor who has a net worth of $400 thousand. Danny Lloyd was born in Pekin, Illinois in January 1973. His best known role came starring as Danny Torrance in the movie The Shining in 1980. Lloyd also starred in the 1982 TV movie Will: The Autobiography of G.

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Actor Danny Lloyd has a networth that has to be considered modest.

Personal Life

He was born in Chicago, Illinois.

He starred in The Shining with Shelley Duvall.

Inspirational Quotes by Danny Lloyd

I don't regret trying acting. When I decided to stop, I don't regret that either.

Danny Lloyd

For me when I watch 'The Shining,' it's like watching a home movie. I understand how it scares people. I think it's an entertaining movie, don't get me wrong. But I look back on it with so many memories.

Danny Lloyd

I know it might be kind of ironic, but I like funny films and documentaries.

Danny Lloyd

I'm proud to come from the Midwest and that's where I'm comfortable at.

Danny Lloyd

I don't do many interviews. But when I do, I try to make it clear, 'The Shining' was a good experience.

Danny Lloyd