David Cross Net Worth

How much is David Cross worth?

Net Worth: $12 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 4, 1964 (56 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Actor, Screenwriter, Television producer, Presenter, Voice Actor, Film Producer, Comedian, Singer, Film director, Stand-up comedian
Nationality: United States of America
David Cross Net Worth:
$12 Million

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Actor David Cross has a networth that has to be considered high.

David Cross Net Worth: David Cross is an American actor, writer and stand-up comedian who has a net worth of $12 million. An actor, comedian, and writer, David Cross became a household name appearing on the television series “Arrested Development”, and for his work on the sketch comedy, “Mr. Show”. He was born on April 4, 1964, in Atlanta, Georgia. Cross has been one of the key figures in pioneering alternative comedy since the late 1980s/early 1990s. Honing his comic skills since he was 17, Cross first entered the limelight with his work on the sketch comedy TV series “Mr. Show with Bob and David” (HBO, 1995-98). He made a major breakthrough after playing Tobias Fünke on the influential television show “Arrested Development” (Fox, 2003-06). Both the innovative sketch comedy show and the half-hour sitcom, were adored by both critics and fans and earned Cross a loyal following among comedy and alternative pop culture audiences. He has managed to carve out a solid career away from the mainstream, with a Grammy-nominated stand-up album, voice-over work for far-out animated series like “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” (Adult Swim, 2000- ) and “Crank Yankers,” (Comedy Central, 2002-05; MTV2, 2007), as well as with his big screen character roles in the movies “I’m Not There” (2007) and “Year One” (2009). Being fiercely intelligent, opinionated and outspoken, David Cross has successfully worked on a wide array of projects.

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We should just get somebody from the left and the right and they should all throw bumper stickers at each other and the first one to cover the other one wins.

David Cross

I think people, for the most part, actually want what they think is best.

David Cross

I remember being a kid and the Vietnam War was huge and looking at Watergate.

David Cross

I’d be curious to find out, but I don’t think people in the entertainment industry are proportionally more or less serious politically than anyone in the landscaping industry.

David Cross