Dougray Scott Net Worth

How much is Dougray Scott worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of Birth:November 25, 1965 (58 years old)
Height:1.83 m, 6 ft 0 in
Profession:Actor, Film Producer, Voice Actor
Dougray Scott Net Worth:
$5 Million

Dougray Scott Net Worth: Dougray Scott is a Scottish actor who has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Dougray Scott was born in 1965 in Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland to an actor father and nurse mother. He studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama before moving to London to pursue his acting career.

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Actor Dougray Scott has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.

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It's nice to be asked to do good projects.

Dougray Scott

What was the reason for invading Iraq' Was it a humanitarian crusade or an economic one' I would be inclined to say the latter. It was the same with the Civil War, because the landed gentry's money was being stolen by the king.

Dougray Scott

I try and do films I know I'm going to enjoy watching as well as being in.

Dougray Scott

I tend to do golf charity things because it's much safer and you don't get much chance of a broken arm or leg.

Dougray Scott

Sometimes you just can't walk away from films you're offered, like the Dylan Thomas thing.

Dougray Scott