Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Net Worth

How much is Efrem Zimbalist Jr. worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of Birth:November 30, 1918
Date of Death:May 2, 2014 (95 years old)
Height:1.83 m, 6 ft
Profession:TV Actor
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Net Worth:
$5 Million

Best known for his role as Inspector Lewis Erskine on TV’s long-running series, The F.B.I. and he also played the role of Alfred Pennyworth on Batman: The Animated Series.

He worked as a page for NBC radio in New York after studying at Yale and went on to serve a five-year stint in the army during World War II.

His breakthrough role was as Dandy Jim Buckley on the series, Maverick, starring James Garner.

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Actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr. has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.

Personal Life

He was married three times: first to Emily Munroe McNair, then twice to Loranda Stephanie Spaulding, with whom he had a daughter, Stephanie.

He joined several famous colleagues in 1963 to campaign for Barry Goldwater’s presidential bid, including Walter Brennan and Chill Wills.

Inspirational Quotes by Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

When you learn that you inspired someone, it's a huge honor.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

I'm a conservative Republican.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

If I would characterize my life, I would say that I was a very lucky actor who came into very lucky times, and got to Hollywood, and was put under contract by Warners in the very last days of the studio contract era, and was privileged to go through that time which is gone now.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Having been kept pretty strict in prep schools, I guess I couldn't cope with all the freedom at Yale. I had a wild, wonderful time, got abysmal grades and was bounced out in my freshman year. I then came back the following fall as a repeating freshman, lasted until April and got bounced out again - for the same reason.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

I ended up with my life slanted toward television, and I just accept that. I think you play the hand the way it's dealt, that's all.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.