Elizabeth Holmes Net Worth

How much is Elizabeth Holmes worth?

Net Worth:N/A
Date of Birth:February 3, 1984 (40 years old)
Height:1.69 m, 5 ft 6 in

Elizabeth Holmes is an inventor and tycoon who was listed as one of the Richest Self-Made Women, but her company lost $.4.5 billion. According to Forbes, she was one of the richest women, and now she has nothing left in her bank account after the loss of $4.5 billion.

Elizabeth Holmes is looking supreme as ever, and her net worth isn't too bad either.


Elizabeth Holmes was tagged as the ‘Richest Self-made Woman’ by Forbes. She is the CEO and founder of Theranos. Elizabeth started the company in California, and the aim was to democratize healthcare.

Inspirational Quotes by Elizabeth Holmes

When I thought about having the greatest impact with my life, I thought about all the times people lose loved ones because diseases weren't detected early enough. I thought, 'I can play a role there.'

Elizabeth Holmes

It drives me crazy when people talk about the scale as an indicator of health, because your weight doesn't tell you what's going on at a biochemical level.

Elizabeth Holmes

I grew up in a family of people who wanted to make a difference in the world.

Elizabeth Holmes

The art of phlebotomy originated with bloodletting in 1400 B.C., and the modern clinical lab emerged in the 1960s - and it has not fundamentally evolved since then. You go in, sit down, they put a tourniquet on your arm, stick you with a needle, take these tubes and tubes of blood.

Elizabeth Holmes

What I really want out of life is to discover something new: something mankind didn't know was possible to do.

Elizabeth Holmes