Evan Rachel Wood Net Worth

How much is Evan Rachel Wood worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Date of Birth:September 7, 1987 (34 years old)
Height:1.68 m, 5 ft 6 in
Profession:Actor, Fashion Model, Singer, Voice Actor
Nationality:United States of America
Evan Rachel Wood Net Worth:
$8 Million

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Actor Evan Rachel Wood has a networth that has to be considered pretty high.

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Evan Rachel Wood net worth and salary: Evan Rachel Wood is an American actress, fashion model, and singer who has a net worth of $8 million. Evan Rachel Wood was born in 1987 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her father is the Executive Director of Raleigh’s Theatre in the Park. Her mother is an actress, director, and acting coach. Wood was home schooled and graduated from high school at 15. Soon after, she moved with her mother to Los Angeles and began booking roles on made for television films. One of her earliest roels was a one-season character arc on the show “Profiler”. When that role ended, she was cast as Jessie Sammler on “Once and Again”. Wood made her film debut in the 1998 film “Digging to China” alongside Kevin Bacon and that same year appeared in “Practical Magic” alongside Nicole Kidman. Wood’s breakthrough movie role came in 2003 in the film “Thirteen” in which she played a teen who sunk into a downward spiral of drugs, sex, and crime. She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress. Since then, Wood has worked steadily in film and television. She has a black belt in taekwondo. More recently she has earned acclaim for her work on the HBO drama Westworld.

Inspirational Quotes by Evan Rachel Wood

I’ve struggled with gender norms my whole life, always feeling like I wasn’t black-and-white; I was in this gray area, and gray areas really scare people because you can’t define them.

Evan Rachel Wood

We all just kinda did everything we thought we were supposed to do and girls dated the guys they were supposed to and did things with the guys they were supposed to.

Evan Rachel Wood

I have a karaoke lounge in my house, complete with a tiki bar and hula-girl lamps and disco balls.

Evan Rachel Wood

The biggest lessons I’ve learned in life have probably come from a bad situation, from an angry situation, even if I wasn’t the one who was angry.

Evan Rachel Wood

It took me a while to get to a place of feeling like fashion was an expression – something I could have fun with and an art form.

Evan Rachel Wood