Eve Hewson Net Worth

How much is Eve Hewson worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Date of Birth:July 7, 1991 (32 years old)
Height:1.55 m, 5 ft 1 in
Eve Hewson Net Worth:
$8 Million

Eve was born 7 July 1991 in Dublin, Ireland into a prominent family. Her father is nobody else than U2 singer Bono. She studied at the St. Andrew’s College and also at the New York University. Although her parents discouraged Eve from the show business, her career at the movie started in mid 2000’s. Lately, she played in Bridge of Spies, Papillon, and Robin Hood. Hewson used to date James Lafferty but her current boyfriend is a fellow British actor Max Minghella. Their romantic relationship started back in 2015.

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Actor Eve Hewson has a networth that has to be considered pretty high.


In the first place, Hewson’s father and mother were not happy about her performing career but went on until 2005 when she and her sister have featured a short film called Lost and Found.

Inspirational Quotes by Eve Hewson

I always wanted to go to Sundance.

Eve Hewson

I don't get handed money - and I never will. I have to work!

Eve Hewson

There were times when I wondered if I was doing the right thing, studying when I could have been going to auditions.

Eve Hewson

That's the thing about acting - you can't fake it.

Eve Hewson

I get called 'Memphis Eve,' but my first name is Eve. I know Memphis is in there somewhere, but on my passport I'm 'Eve Sunny Day Hewson.'

Eve Hewson