Gemma Arterton Net Worth

How much is Gemma Arterton worth?

Net Worth:$13 Million
Date of Birth:February 2, 1986 (37 years old)
Height:1.7 m, 5 ft 6 in
Profession:Actor, Voice Actor
Nationality:United Kingdom
Gemma Arterton Net Worth:
$13 Million

Gemma Arterton Net Worth: Gemma Arterton is an English actress who has a net worth of $13 million dollars. Gemma Arterton was born on February 2, 1986 in Gravesend, Gravesham, Kent, England where she attended Gravesend Grammar School for Girls, in Kent, and made her stage debut there in an amateur production of “The Boy Who Fell into a Book”.

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Actor Gemma Arterton has a networth that has to be considered high.

Inspirational Quotes by Gemma Arterton

You can't connect with something you're not passionate about.

Gemma Arterton

My family are very down-to-earth people. We are not showbizzy at all.

Gemma Arterton

I was quite naughty at school.

Gemma Arterton

I actually had a cockney accent before I went to drama school. It's softened up a bit.

Gemma Arterton

I don't want to be about the way I look - my body, my hair, my makeup, all those boring things.

Gemma Arterton