George Takei Net Worth

How much is George Takei worth?

Net Worth: $12 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 20, 1937 (83 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession: Actor, Author, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America
George Takei Net Worth:
$12 Million

George Takei net worth: George Takei is an American actor and author who has a net worth of $12 million. George Takei was born Hosato Takei in Los Angeles, California in April 1937. His parents were Japanese American and was at times forced to live in relocation centers. He studied theater at UCLA and earned a Master of Arts in 1964. Takei started his career in Hollywood at a time when Asians were not often cast in American productions. He started doing voiceover work for Japanese monster films. Before getting his big break, George appeared in TV shows Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, and Mission: Impossible. In 1965 Takei was cast as Hikaru Sulu and joined the cast of Star Trek. Aside from the TV series, Takei acted in six Star Trek movies. Takei tried his hand at politics and finished second in a narrow margin for City Council of Los Angeles. He was later appointed to the board of directors of the Southern California Rapid Transit District and was part of a team that started the LA subway system. He was one of the contestants on the Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. He has also announced many episodes of The Howard Stern Show on radio. Takei revealed that he was gay in 2005 and has been a gay rights advocate. An asteroid, Asteroid 7307 Takei was named after him. He was awarded by the Japanese government with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette in 2004. He has done a bit of voice acting and appeared in commercials including for Pizza Hut during the Super Bowl in 2017.

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Inspirational Quotes by George Takei

Back in the day, coming out was something very personal. You began by acknowledging the truth, first to yourself, then to close family and friends. Those of us more in the public spotlight, though, also had to 'come out' to the press.

George Takei

I'm most comfortable with my computer. Yes, I have an iPhone, but I've reached that point now where to read e-mails on my phone, I need my reading glasses. I'm most comfortable with the big-screen computer.

George Takei

Social media affords me an opportunity to interact with fans on a daily basis, not just for a few seconds apiece at a science-fiction convention.

George Takei

Star Trek' fans totally accepted my sexual orientation. There are a great number of LGBT people across 'Star Trek' fandom. The show always appealed to people that were different - the geeks and the nerds, and the people who felt they were not quite a part of society, sometimes because they may have been gay or lesbian.

George Takei

I've been an activist since my late teens. I take this very seriously and try to use the gift that's been given to me - access to the media - as positively as I can.

George Takei