James LeBron Net Worth

How much is James LeBron worth?

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James LeBron Net Worth

James LeBron Net Worth

James LeBron Net Worth And Assets

James LeBron net worth whole is $223 million. Since 2003 Basketball contracts have added $150 million to Lebron James net worth. Those endorsements have contributed $267 million. James assets have kicked in another $39 million. Costs and duties assessed at $246 million have knocked down LeBron James whole assets.

LeBron James Net Worth Sources

LeBron James Basketball Contracts since 2003$149,799,683
LeBron James endorsements since 2003$267,000,000
Investments (6% of net worth/yr)$39,543,596
Expenses (Agent fees, staff, taxes)$245,785,782
Total LeBron James Net Worth$223,190,947

Salary and LeBron James Net Worth

The LeBron James total assets story began at the youthful age of 18, when the Cleveland Cavaliers marked the player as a rookie for $4 million makes James salary has developed year over year. James provides a full scholarship to the University of Akron to any Akron Ohio youth who finishes his “I Promise” campaign. The expense could run well into the several millions.

That is alright, because James season salary has been knocking up to $30,963,450 in 2016-2017. LeBron James provides at least some portion of his assets to charity. James’s official website is filled with much of charitable events LeBron has made, from donating uniforms to school sports teams to gala events for cancer kids.

LeBron James Net Worth

YearNet Worth

LeBron James Net Worth From Endorsements

Nike 2003-2010 $90,000,000
Upper Deck 2003-2004 $5,000,000
Coca Cola 2003-2008 $10,000,000
Bubblicious 2004-2008 $5,000,000
Juice Batteries 2004-2008 $8,000,000
Upper Deck 2004-2010 $6,000,000
State Farm 2006-2007 $4,000,000
Microsoft 2007-2008 $2,000,000
Cub Cadet 2008-2009 $1,000,000
Coca Cola 2009-2015 $16,000,000
McDonald’s 2010-2015 $15,000,000
Nike 2010-2015 $50,000,000
Samsung 2011-2015 $8,000,000
Dunkin’ Donuts 2012-2015 $20,000,000
Tencent 2013-2015 $15,000,000
Audemars Piguet 2013-2014 $2,000,000
Kia 2014-2015 $10,000,000
Total Endorsements $267,000,000