Janet Jackson Net Worth

How much is Janet Jackson worth?

Net Worth:N/A
Date of Birth:May 16, 1966 (57 years old)
Janet Jackson Net Worth

Janet Jackson Net Worth

Janet Jackson Net Worth And Assets

Janet Jackson net worth is $175 million, her yearly salary around $20,588,235 and Sponsorship/Endorsement sum is $4,575,163. A bit controversy arises about Janet Jackson’s net worth. Most of the controversy is because of the singer herself, after she counted up her lifetime income in a story that showed up in Variety a few years prior.

In that article, Jackson laid out her career income, which included $81 million in music and book distributed, $260 million in album sales, $458 million from touring, and a couple of hundred million more from her other business dealings, including film industry receipts of more than $300 million. Put it all together, and Jackson has made $1.2 billion in entertainment value all through her career.

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Janet Jackson was paid $5 million for her part in The Nutty Professor II: The Clumps, and an extra $1 million performance expense for the movie soundtrack. Further, Jackson earned far less Eddie Murphy did in that film, as his base take was $20 million, or more $33 million of the gross recipes, for a sum of more than $50 million. It was that rate of the gross receipts that truly empowered Murphy to win generously more than Jackson.

Janet Jackson earnings

YearsNet Worth
2013-2014 $17,902,813
2012-2013 $13,725,490
2011-2012 $11,128,776
2015-2016 $23,676,471