Jared Harris Net Worth

How much is Jared Harris worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Date of Birth:August 24, 1961 (62 years old)
Height:1.82 m, 5 ft 11 in
Profession:Actor, Voice Actor
Jared Harris Net Worth:
$8 Million

Jared Harris net worth and salary: Jared Harris is an English actor who has a net worth of $8 million dollars. Jared Harris is perhaps most well-known for his role on Mad Men as Lane Pryce and as David Robert Jones on Fringe. He has also appeared in films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Deeds, Lost in Space, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

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Actor Jared Harris has a networth that has to be considered pretty high.

Inspirational Quotes by Jared Harris

I wasn't aware of my dad being an actor when I was young. I remember there was an Australian children's entertainer on television called Ralph Harris and when I'd say my father was an actor, kids would say, you know, 'oh, is he Ralph Harris?' And I had to say no and then they would lose interest.

Jared Harris

The scariest monsters are human beings and what we will do to each other.

Jared Harris

Pink cocktails look quite friendly. They have an umbrella in them, some sort of fruit... they look innocent, and boy, do they pack a punch.

Jared Harris

I met Peter O'Toole for the first time at Dad's memorial service because my Dad didn't hang around with people like that when we were around. We didn't grow up with Richard Burton coming around to tea.

Jared Harris

Very few movies I've done I regret being involved in.

Jared Harris