Jeremy Northam Net Worth

How much is Jeremy Northam worth?

Net Worth:$4 Million
Date of Birth:December 1, 1961 (61 years old)
Height:1.88 m, 6 ft 2 in
Profession:Actor, Singer
Jeremy Northam Net Worth:
$4 Million

Jeremy Northam is an English actor who has a net worth of $4 million. Although Northam began his acting career with several television roles, he earned widespread prominence after playing Mr. Knightley in the 1996 film “Emma.” After this breakthrough, Jeremy followed up with roles in movies like “An Ideal Husband,” “Gosford Park,” “Amistad,” “The Winslow Boy,” “Enigma,” and “Martin and Lewis.” He is also known for his television work in series such as “The Tudors,” in which he played Thomas More. Some of his more recent work is in the Netflix series “The Crown,” in which he played Anthony Eden.

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Actor Jeremy Northam has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.


During 1988, Jeremy appeared in a vast number of television products. This included the TV film “Journey’s End,” the series “American Playhouse,” the mini-series “Piece of Cake,” and the TV series “Wish Me Luck.” The latter role extended in 1989, with Northam appearing in a total of 14 episodes. In 1989, he also appeared in a number of theatrical productions. That year, he appeared in “The Voysey Inheritance” with the National Theatre Company and then followed up with “School for Scandal” – again with the National Theatre Company. That year, he also replaced Daniel Day-Lewis to play the title role in “Hamlet” with the National Theatre Company at the Olivier Theatre in London.

Inspirational Quotes by Jeremy Northam

There's so much of, it could have been a very critical examination of what happened, and really the emotional lives of the people involved sort of carry the characters forward.

Jeremy Northam

I'd always liked the idea that drama acts at its best as a kind of arena for debate, not just about the thing itself, but also producing aesthetic, stylistic, political and moral discussions.

Jeremy Northam

I did decide that you have to put your name about a bit, and so, although I would have preferred to have never done publicity or an interview or a fashion shoot for a magazine or a chat show.

Jeremy Northam

It's taken me longer still to realize what a short span there is between those life experiences and the rest of your life. That's a job for the people who lived through it.

Jeremy Northam

I'm just a hired actor who was hired for a particular job, but I think one of the joys of reading the script was the way that the personal and the global are woven together.

Jeremy Northam