Jessica Biel Net Worth

How much is Jessica Biel worth?

Net Worth: $250 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 3, 1982 (38 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Actor, Model, Singer, Film Producer
Nationality: United States of America
Last Updated: 2020
Jessica Biel Net Worth:
$250 Million

Jessica Biel Net Worth: Jessica Biel is an American actress, model, singer, and producer who has a net worth of $250 million. That is a combined net worth with her husband, singer Justin Timberlake. Justin is responsible for the vast majority, $200 – $230 million, of the couple’s net worth.

Biel first rose to fame as preacher’s daughter Mary Camden on the long running WB television show “7th Heaven,” but she has also had memorable roles in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2003), “Blade: Trinity” (2004), “The Illusionist” (2006), and “Total Recall” (2012). Jessica produced and starred in the first season of USA’s limited series “The Sinner” in 2017, earning acting nominations from the Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, and Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Biel was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by “Esquire” in 2005, and she was ranked #1 on “Stuff” magazine’s 2007 “100 Sexiest Women” list.

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Actor Jessica Biel has a networth that has to be considered very impressive.

Inspirational Quotes by Jessica Biel

I feel my knees changing - like, why do I have this pain when I'm running on the treadmill? What's going on with my lower back when I wake up in the morning? I just feel changes. And I'm definitely fearful in a very vain manner about my body ageing.

Jessica Biel

I'm not squeamish at all. As a child I dragged a dead squirrel home on my skateboard and cut it open and tried to look at its brain.

Jessica Biel

I like really uberfeminine, classic-looking things mixed with something rougher around the edges. I've been looking at Rihanna a lot, checking her out. She's got something going on that I am sort of craving a little bit.

Jessica Biel

On the red carpet, I'm playing a character. As soon as I get off that thing, I think, 'Oof, wipe that gloss off.' I'm wiping and wiping and pulling my hair out and trying to change my outfit. I'm immediately trying to get comfortable. It's really a part I play.

Jessica Biel

I've been involved with sports my whole life, which made clothes and makeup and handbags not that important as a kid. I just didn't care.

Jessica Biel