John Cleese Net Worth

How much is John Cleese worth?

Net Worth:$12 Million
Date of Birth:October 27, 1939 (84 years old)
Height:1.96 m, 6 ft 5 in
John Cleese Net Worth:
$12 Million

John Cleese is an English actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Cleese has starred in various films, and TV credits like George of the Jungle, Clockwise, A Fish Called Wanda, The Out of Towner’s, The World Is Not Enough, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Cheers, Whoops Apocalypse, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle among many others.

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Actor John Cleese has a networth that has to be considered high.


Cleese started writing scripts for the Footlights Revue, which is best known at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which rebranded itself as the Cambridge Circus and traveled internationally. He appeared in several broadways and off broadways in New York productions before getting a job writing for BBC Radio.

Personal Life

Cleese married Connie Booth in 1968 in the US. They gave birth to Cynthia Cleese, who later got married to Ed Solomon, a writer, and director. Cleese has two Grandchildren Evan and Olivia. Cleese and Connie wrote a Script together and co-starred in both series of Fawlty Towers, but before the release of the second series, they divorced. However, they finished it and were aired since they were reported to have remained close friends even after the divorce.

Inspirational Quotes by John Cleese

I don't miss London much. I find it crowded, vast and difficult to get around. Cabs are incredibly expensive.

John Cleese

If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.

John Cleese

My compulsion to always be working has become less strong and my current business is purely down to this enormous alimony. If I wasn't doing this I'd be making documentaries about wildlife and other subjects that interest me.

John Cleese

I'm not saying Obama is right on everything. Of course not. He may be wrong on a number of things. But what I do know is that he behaves like a very, very sane man almost all the time.

John Cleese

When you've been doing comedy for forty years, you really do know most of the jokes. And even if you don't know a specific joke, you can pretty much guess what it's going to be.

John Cleese