John Deacon Net Worth

How much is John Deacon worth?

Net Worth:$190 Million
Date of Birth:August 19, 1951 (72 years old)
Height:1.81 m, 5 ft 11 in
John Deacon Net Worth:
$190 Million

John Deacon is a retired musician from Britain, best known as the bass guitarist of the band Queen. He composed most of the songs by the band, and they became great hits. Some of his compositions include I Want to Break Free; You’re My Best Friend, Back Chat and Another One Bites the Dust. Apart from writing the songs for the band, he was also the one managing their finances. Deacon retired from music in 1997.

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At the age of 14, John joined his first band called The Opposition, where he played the rhythm guitar. He had bought that guitar with the money he had borrowed from Richard Young, who was the group’s founder. After playing for one year, he switched to playing the bass guitar. His other role in the band was acting as an archivist. Deacon stayed with the band until 1969 when he was accepted at Chelsea College in London for further studies.

Personal Life

John got married to his current wife, Veronica Tetzlaff, on January 18, 1975. He is a father to six children, and his family lives in Putney, Southwest London. Deacon has been very committed to his family for long, and the Queens band initially broke from their original management company Trident after they refused to lend him the money he wanted to put a deposit on a house for his family.

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Then we did what we called basically I suppose a club tour in England, which was the time I think that our second album came out, we club toured around the whole country where the venues were hold to five hundreds upwards to that sort of thing you know.

John Deacon

Live Aid turned our world upside down.

John Deacon

I'll probably make loads of plans, and then just sit around on my bottom all day long and do nothing.

John Deacon

Four personalities are bound to clash.

John Deacon

I don't want to be nasty but let's just say Robbie Williams is no Freddie Mercury.

John Deacon