Joy Mangano Net Worth

How much is Joy Mangano worth?

Net Worth:$65 Million
Date of Birth:February 1, 1956 (67 years old)
Height:1.68 m, 5 ft 6 in
Joy Mangano Net Worth:
$65 Million

Joy Mangano is a famous American inventor and entrepreneur who is well-known as the president of ‘Ingenious Designs.’ She is also a bit of a television personality who appears on the United States shopping channel, ‘HSN.’

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Actor Joy Mangano has a networth that has to be considered very impressive.


Mangano’s craze for invention began at a very early age. After graduating with a business administration degree, she became a single mom and was a housewife for many years. Soon the kids came, and her attention was fully diverted towards them; she used to get very little time to be innovative and creative.

Inspirational Quotes by Joy Mangano

Don't be afraid to have a reality check. Taking risks is OK, but you must be realistic.

Joy Mangano

You can find a product and be aware of all the other products out there in just seconds. That's a very attractive method for companies and consumers. At the same time, it also creates a lot of competition.

Joy Mangano

My famous line is 'Product is king.'

Joy Mangano

I told myself the next time I had a good idea, I would bring it to market.

Joy Mangano

I think if you believe in something hard enough, it'll work.

Joy Mangano