Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth

How much is Karl Lagerfeld worth?

Net Worth:$230 Million
Date of Birth:September 10, 1933
Date of Death:February 19, 2019 (85 years old)
Height:1.78 m, 5 ft 10 in
Profession:Fashion designer
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth:
$230 Million

German-born fashion designer who was the head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel, the Italian house Fendi, and the Karl Lagerfeld Collection. He was known for his trademark white hair, sunglasses and high starched collars. Karl was born to Otto Lagerfeldt and Elisabeth Bahlman in Hamburg, Germany, as Karl Otto Lagerfeld. His family belonged to the Old Catholic Church.

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Actor Karl Lagerfeld has a networth that has to be considered very impressive.


The International wool secretariat in 1955 conducted a competition, of which Karl Lagerfeld emerged as the winner. He got a chance to work under Pierre Balmain, after this win. He held this position for three years. For the next few years, he designed haute couture collections at a tremendous rate. The first of his collections, with all its path-breaking and unconventional cuts, was not widely accepted by the critics and fashion enthusiasts. An Italian brand Tiziani, which specializes in couture, was his next place of employment.

Personal Life

He was the son of Otto Lagerfeld, a wealthy businessman who introduced the concept of condensed milk, and Elizabeth Bahlmann. He had a longterm relationship with socialite Jacques de Bascher up until his death in 1989.

In 2005, he was the photographer for V magazine’s feature of Mariah Carey.

Inspirational Quotes by Karl Lagerfeld

Bling is over. Red carpet covered with rhinestones is out. I call it 'the new modesty.'

Karl Lagerfeld

It's only I have seen enough of it and the funny thing is now, I know that I'm skinny, because I know there are even smaller clothes in the store. I think I'm big, when I was big, I never thought about it.

Karl Lagerfeld

I could speak three languages when I was six, and when I went to school, I only liked to read and sketch. At five, I could write and everything.

Karl Lagerfeld

Don't dress to kill, dress to survive.

Karl Lagerfeld

A collection is not just one basic idea. It comes from something that is in the air, something you suddenly like and put down on paper and then work out.

Karl Lagerfeld