Kate Flannery Net Worth

How much is Kate Flannery worth?

Net Worth:$4 Million
Date of Birth:June 10, 1964 (58 years old)
Profession:Actor, Comedian, Singer
Kate Flannery Net Worth:
$4 Million

Kate Flannery Net Worth: Kate Flannery is an American actress who has a net worth of $4 million. Flannery is best known for playing Meredith Palmer on the NBC series “The Office” (2005–2013), and she also appeared in the related web series “The Office: The Accountants” (2006), “The Office: The Outburst” (2008), “The Office: Blackmail” (2009), and “The Office: The 3rd Floor” (2010).

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Actor Kate Flannery has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.


Stage Career: After college, Kate moved to Chicago and joined The Second City’s National Touring Company. She also became an original member of the Annoyance Theater, where she performed in numerous shows, such as “The Real Live Brady Bunch.” In Chicago, she formed The Lampshades with Scot Robinson, and in the early 2000s when they were both living in Los Angeles, the duo reunited and began performing in Hollywood and at comedy festivals around the U.S., including Aspen’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Flannery appeared in Nora Ephron’s “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” in New York and played Neely O’Hara in New York and Los Angeles productions of “Valley of the Dolls.” In L.A., she also starred in “The Phacts of Life” and a Lily Tomlin-Jane Wagner production of the “Six Feet Under”-inspired comedy “Three Feet Under.”

Personal Life

Personal Life: Kate has been in a relationship with NBC photographer Chris Haston since 2006. When they met, Haston was a stills photographer on “The Office.” Flannery is good friends with Jane Lynch and has served as her sidekick on the “See Jane Sing” tour; Kate also performed on Jane’s 2016 Christmas album, “A Swingin’ Little Christmas,” which reached #8 on the “Billboard” Jazz Albums chart. Flannery used to be the musical director of the Los Angeles Drama Club, where she taught Shakespeare to children.

Inspirational Quotes by Kate Flannery

I think the genetics of being Irish are that you sort of prefer when it's rainy and cloudy. It's just genetic.

Kate Flannery

I feel like people are funny, and women are people, so I'm sick of the distinction.

Kate Flannery

I think the whole concept that women aren't funny is dead. It's over; it's done.

Kate Flannery

Well, one of the things I love about 'The Office' is that it has so much heart.

Kate Flannery

I feel like I'm the luckiest actress in the world.

Kate Flannery