Ken Leung Net Worth

How much is Ken Leung worth?

Net Worth: $2 Million
Date of Birth: Jan 21, 1970 (50 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Actor
Nationality: United States of America
Ken Leung Net Worth:
$2 Million

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Actor Ken Leung has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.

Ken Leung Net Worth: Ken Leung is an American actor who has a net worth of $2 million. Born in New York City, New York, in 1970, Ken Leung earned his degree from New York University. While in school, he realized he had a passion for acting, and he worked with a variety of different theater groups in and around the city. Leung made his acting debut in 1995, appearing in “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, “Pictures of Baby Jane Doe”, and “Law & Order”. In 1998, he appeared in “Rush Hour” alongside Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. He has since appeared in “Man of the Century”, “The Family Man”, “Red Corner”, “Kundun”, “Fly”, “Keeping the Faith”, “Artificial Intelligence: A.I.”, “Vanilla Sky”, “Saw”, “Saw V”, “Shanghai Kiss”, “Home Sweet Hoboken”, “X-Men: The Last Stand”, “Works of Art”, “The Squid and the Whale,” “Sucker Free City,” “Strip Search”, and “Falling for Grace”. Leung starred on 45 episodes of “Lost” as Miles Straume from 2008 until 2010. He also had a recurring role as Leon Tao on “Person of Interest” from 2012 until 2013. Leung’s other TV appearances include “Wonderland”, “The Jury”, “The Sopranos”, “Zero Hour”, “Deception”, “The Night Shift”, “”Whoopi”, “New York Undercover”, “Oz”, and “The Good Wife”.

Ken Leung is beaming with success, a side effect of the high net worth, perhaps?

Inspirational Quotes by Ken Leung

If I’m in a room full of intense people, I’m pretty normal. If I’m in a room full of people who aren’t, maybe I’m intense. I don’t know, I don’t think of it that way.

Ken Leung

My face frowns by default, so when I’m most calm is when I appear the least approachable.

Ken Leung

You ask politicians a question, and they have an answer. It’s almost like the more articulate the answer, the more something feels wrong because that question takes thought.

Ken Leung

I have an awareness of a spiritual realm, and I see signs that I feel speak to me – I don’t know if that falls into superstition.

Ken Leung

I did this thing for HBO called ‘Strip Search’ with Sidney Lumet, who was one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. We actually had a rehearsal period before we shot, which is unusual.

Ken Leung