KSI Net Worth

How much is KSI worth?

Net Worth:$30 Million
Date of Birth:June 19, 1993 (30 years old)
Height:1.83 m, 6 ft
KSI Net Worth:
$30 Million

KSI is a British YouTuber, internet personality, actor, rapper and boxer who has amassed more than 21.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He is also a member and co-founder of the British YouTube group known as the Sidemen. Other members of the group are Simon Minter aka Miniminter, Joshua “Josh” Bradley aka Zerkaa, Tobit “Tobi” Brown aka Tobjizzle, Ethan Payne aka Behzinga, Vikram “Vik” Barn aka Vikkstar123, and Harry Lewis aka Wroetoshaw. In 2014, KSI became the face of Sport Relief online and was active in Save the Children and prostate cancer charity promotions. Born Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji on June 19, 1993 in Watford, Hertfordshire, to Nigerian parents Jide and Yinka Olatunji, his younger brother, Deji Olatunji, also became a YouTube personality. He attended Berkhamsted School in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, where he met future Sidemen member Simon Minter aka Miniminter.

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Actor KSI has a networth that has to be considered impressive.


KSI started You-Tubing while he was still in high school, and after school, he began his career professionally. In 2012 he was outlawed from attending the Euro-gamer event since he misbehaved in the Xbox one affair. His breakthrough came in 2013 when he played and championed against a computer game, making his name debut in the Guinness Records.

Inspirational Quotes by KSI

I would say, in a year, I spend maybe half of that playing FIFA. I love it that much.


If you're having problems with someone on the Internet, simply block the person and move on. And if you do want to meet people from online, make sure you do your research to make sure you're talking to the person you want to be talking to.


When I was, like, 16 or 17, I was just finding out about this YouTube thing. Then I saved a bit and asked my parents for some help to get the recording software and equipment.


I am trying to make sure that I don't spend on ridiculous things, so that after all this YouTube thing goes, I'm not left there, like, 'Uh oh, I have nothing.'


I kept on telling my parents school wasn't for me. And they were like, 'No you need to go university.'