Lzzy Hale Net Worth

How much is Lzzy Hale worth?

Net Worth:$3 Million
Date of Birth:October 10, 1983 (40 years old)
Height:1.73 m, 5 ft 8 in
Lzzy Hale Net Worth:
$3 Million

Lzzy Hale is a popular American singer, songwriter, and musician. She is most well-known for being the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the popular hard rock band, “Halestorm.” She co-founded the band, “Halestorm” with her brother Arejay Hale in 1997. She has a considerable social media following, and as of July 2020, she has garnered 503K followers on Instagram, 301K followers on Twitter, and 331K followers on Facebook. In 2012, “Halestorm” released the song, “Love Bites (So Do I),” which brought them the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.

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Actor Lzzy Hale has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.


Lzzy Hale is most well-known for her work as the lead singer and the rhythm guitarist of the popular hard rock band, “Halestorm.” Her work isn’t limited to “Halestorm,” however, as she has worked with various popular artists including Eric Church, Lindsey Stirling, and Machine Gun Kelly. She appeared on the cover of the December 2009 issue of Revolver magazine, where she was named as one of the “Hottest Chicks in Metal.” She appeared on the cover of the February/March 2015 issue of the aforementioned magazine as well. Also, she has written the advice column, “Ask Lzzy,” for the magazine.

Personal Life

In 2014, Lzzy Hale revealed that she is bisexual, and she is currently in a relationship with Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger.

Inspirational Quotes by Lzzy Hale

What people don't normally know about us is the hustle is very real, and it's sorely driven a lot by how we consider ourselves. We don't pay a whole lot of attention to any type of judgment that we might get from outside people. I think that comes from growing up onstage.

Lzzy Hale

If, through my own personal journey, I can inspire someone else to self-love, that would be the biggest accomplishment.

Lzzy Hale

I made a lot of not-so-fashionable choices in my life. I see all of those photos that are on the Internet forever.

Lzzy Hale

I go back to the rock n' roll black leather jacket, red lips, smoky eyes. I like my high heels, maybe some leather pants or ripped jeans, things that have never really gone out of style. Again, it's very reflective of who I am as a bandmate in our band.

Lzzy Hale

The good thing about most of the girls that I've met on the road is that, regardless of whether they're cute or not, man - they can bring it onstage, which is inspiring not just for young girls and young people in general but for myself because then it makes me want to step it up.

Lzzy Hale