Mark Indelicato Net Worth

How much is Mark Indelicato worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Date of Birth:July 16, 1994 (29 years old)
Height:1.62 m, 5 ft 3 in
Profession:Actor, Singer
Mark Indelicato Net Worth:
$1 Million

Mark Indelicato Net Worth: Mark Indelicato is an American actor, singer, photographer, and fashion blogger who has a net worth of $1 million. Mark Indelicato was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July 1994. He is best known for playing the role of Justin Suarez on the TV series Ugly Betty.

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Actor Mark Indelicato has a networth that has to be considered decent.

Personal Life

He trained to become an actor when he was younger at The Actors Center.

He was on an episode of Hot in Cleveland with Betty White.

Inspirational Quotes by Mark Indelicato

I would never turn down a movie, but at the same time, but my ideal job would be a half-hour sitcom.

Mark Indelicato

I know you don't always need to spend a ton of money to be stylish.

Mark Indelicato

When I was 4, my dad let me 'help' him back out of the driveway, but I'm amazing at driving golf carts.

Mark Indelicato

Fashion week is very inspiring, and you can't look at things one dimensionally. And I think that everyone who works in this industry has a very three-dimensional view of what fashion is and what art is.

Mark Indelicato

Before I really became interested in fashion, all I would look at in a fashion magazine was the ads. It only dawned on me recently that just looking at the ads really doesn't teach you everything you need to know about the fashion world.

Mark Indelicato