Matt Barr Net Worth

How much is Matt Barr worth?

Net Worth:$500 Thousand
Date of Birth:February 14, 1984 (39 years old)
Height:1.85 m, 6 ft
Profession:Actor, Model
Matt Barr Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

Matt Barr Net Worth: Matt Barr is an American actor who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. Born Matthew Jerome Barr in Allen, Texas, in 1984, Matt Barr was heavily involved in productions at high school theater. He made his on-screen debut in film, appearing as Zach Stanley in 2003’s “Levelland”.

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Actor Matt Barr has a networth that has to be considered modest.

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Years go by, but the heart of what we all fight and die for at the core is the same. We fight and die for love and our family and our land and for what's ours. We do things for something as simple as pride.

Matt Barr

I don't know if it's that the scripts are evolving or just that I'm getting older, but the characters become more interesting as you get older because you've lived more life at different stages. You've loved; you've lost; you have more of that journey.

Matt Barr

I think all of the secrets of the universe are revealed in history. We understand who we are by understanding where we've been and why we are the way we are, and where we come from.

Matt Barr

The Notebook' wrecks me! I cry like a 6-year-old girl at the end.

Matt Barr

Food is a huge passion of mine, and because I want to eat whatever I want, I run every morning, and then I do weights a few times a week. It's just how I can balance eating pancakes in the morning, a big burger for lunch, and then a fat steak and cheesecake at night.

Matt Barr