Matthew Gray Gubler Net Worth

How much is Matthew Gray Gubler worth?

Net Worth: $10 Million
Salary: $3.5 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 9, 1980 (40 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: Actor, Film director, Painter, Fashion Model, Photographer, Television Director, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Cinematographer, Film Editor
Nationality: United States of America
Matthew Gray Gubler Net Worth:
$10 Million

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Actor Matthew Gray Gubler has a networth that has to be considered pretty high.

Matthew Gray Gubler net worth and salary: Matthew Gray Gubler is an American actor, director, editor, visual artist, and former fashion model who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Matthew Gray Gubler was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Directing for Film. Throughout college, he modeled for such designers and brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, American Eagle, and Burberry. While interning for Wes Anderson, he was invited to audition for “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”. He was cast in a small role, and this led to more auditions. He went on to appear in such films as, “RV”, “(500) Days of Summer”, and “Exicision”. He also provided voice over work for such feature-length cartoons as, “Alvin and the Chimpmunks” and its sequels, and “All-Star Superman”. He is most widely recognized for his co-starring role on the television show, “Criminal Minds”. He has appeared on the show since it began in 2005 and, as of this writing, Matthew has appeared in more than 285 episode in the role of Dr. Spencer Reid. His salary per episode from 2012 – 2016 was $100,000. From that point on, he has earned $150,000 per episode. With syndication income and regular base salary, he earns around $3.5-4 million per year from the show.

Matthew Gray Gubler looking dazzling as ever, having an astounding net worth doesn't hurt either, of course

Inspirational Quotes by Matthew Gray Gubler

I’m happy every day that I get up and I’m alive.

Matthew Gray Gubler

Joe Mantegna is like my Los Angeles dad.

Matthew Gray Gubler

Literally, my first audition after ‘The Life Aquatic’ was for the ‘Criminal Minds’ pilot.

Matthew Gray Gubler

I’ve always had the utmost respect and awe of what the lens can do and what a director can do with just a camera move.

Matthew Gray Gubler

I’ve always been a fan of Andy Kaufman.

Matthew Gray Gubler