Michael Jackson Net Worth

How much is Michael Jackson worth?

Net Worth:N/A
Date of Birth:August 29, 1958 (64 years old)

Michael Jackson Net Worth

Michael Jackson Net Worth: The Tops Highest Earning Dead Celebrity List

Michael Jackson’s net worth is estimated $600 million. Incredible pop star Michael Jackson’s net worth is getting multiplied with a $750 million contract from Sony. It’s been just about a long time since the King of Pop left to his radiant dwelling place, a void in the hearts of his billions of fans. With Sony’s new contract, the Michael Jackson net worth easily traverses $1 billion.

In the 1960s, Michael’s dad and his siblings joined to make The Jackson 5 group. The Jackson 5 album, Off the Wall (1979), set up Michael’s solo career, permitting him to work together with superstars like Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.

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Stevie Wonder net worth estimated at $110 million. Wonder started playing instruments in young age, including piano, harmonica, drums and bass, a stage which got to be distinctly vital to Stevie Wonder net worth. Paul McCartney net worth is accounted for as $1.2 billion. He has sold more than 100 million singles, 100 million albums, and more than 60 Gold records released. McCartney also alluded to as conceivably the best musician ever, if not absolutely close to the extremely beat.

After Micheal’s passed away, his lifetime riches and income were similarly disseminated among his kids. While the family needed to tolerate the burden of a $250 million debt on Michael’s Neverland estate.

Michael Jackson Net Worth Sources

  • Xscape (Album) : $150 million
  • Bad 25th Deluxe Edition (Album) : $100 million
  • Earnings from album sales : $383 million
  • Earnings from concerts and tours : $200 million
  • Movie and TV appearances : $50 million
  • Estimated endorsement salary : $15 million
  • Estimated annual salary : $75 million
  • Michael Jackson Current Net Worth : $600 million +