Michael Jordan Net Worth

How much is Michael Jordan worth?

Net Worth:N/A
Date of Birth:February 17, 1963 (60 years old)

Michael Jordan Net Worth

Basket Ball Legend Michael Jordan Net Worth And Assets $1.06 billion

Michael Jordan net worth figure of $1.06 billion comes for the most part from his Nike endorsements and less from his actual NBA pay. Jordan has earned a sum of $1.86 billion in his lifetime, obviously expenses and investments penalize more than half of that. Jordan pays a compelling 45% consolidated state and federal income tax rate furthermore has cost of living and other costs to manage.

What Does Mike Do with his Net Worth?

Obviously a big question that dependably manifests at whatever point somebody gets unimaginably rich is, the thing that do they do with the cash? The Michael Jordan net worth figure is extremely high and it prompts a considerable measure of speculation. It’s sexy to discuss losing $100,000 to gambling, however that aggregate would be not really observable to some person as rich as Jordan, and there’s no proof he has a genuine gambling issue. One thing we know Jordan does with his cash is add to charity. Jordan has established and given cash to many charitable associations around the nation.

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Michael Jordan Net Worth Sources

Basketball Salary$96,055,000
Nike deal$1,158,500,000
Other Business Ventures$20,000,000
Total Michael Jordan Earnings$1,855,755,000
Michael Jordan Salary (average)$56,235,000
Michael Jordan Salary 2016$128,160,000
Total Michael Jordan Net Worth$1,062,334,964