Net Worth of Prince

How much is Prince worth?

Net Worth:N/A
Date of Birth:June 7, 1958 (65 years old)
Profession:Producer, Singer

Who is not aware of the famous American musician Prince? Well, he was certainly named right because his career journey was beyond impressive and he was a true inspiration for endless signers and musicians. Prince was and is still a music legend and with an insane career road, which earned him insane money, he had a wonderfully insane net worth too. Any guesses around the corner?

Quick Intro to the Music Legend

Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7th, 1958 and departed from us and the musical world in April 2016. He was not only a musician or a signer; this guy was multitalented and each skill of his was an incredible one in itself. From a wonderful singer to an amazing dancer and from a multi-instrumentalist to a record producer and a philanthropist; he managed to do everything with grace and perfection.

Prince Rogers had a lot of home across the world. Wherever he worked, he built his very own home or sometimes homes as well. However, working a lot in LA majorly, Prince only owned a single home there. Furthermore, he sold that home for around $2.2 million in 1997. When Prince passed away in April 2016, he was residing in his home at Paisley Park Residence in Minnesota.

Net Worth of Prince

Well, with his insane delights for homes and him owning endless of them around the world, you might be wondering about how hefty his net worth might be. Well, his last estimated net worth was $300 million. As astonishing as it might seem, this is the reason why, he was referred to as the richest musician ever.

Where did he spend his Money?

Princes definitely spent his money on clothes, home and décor. And not to forget his private jet!! It won’t be much surprising for all of you to know that Prince Rogers Nelson was a charitable person. He donated money often in hefty amounts. In 2011, he donated around $1.5 million to the charities of New York. American Ballet Theatre, Harlem Children Zone and Uptown Dance Academy were the three major places where prince donated in New York.

Prince Death; a Controversy:

Even after a year of Prince Nelson death, his death situation remains an unsolved mystery for all. An overdose of an extremely powerful painkiller fentanyl at 57 is said to be the major or core reason of his death. The reason as to why do Prince overdose himself or was it done so by someone else; this all remains an unanswered mystery. Reputation of Prince in the light of his record was all about his dirty talking but amongst friends and family he was famous for this clean living. This led to the result that Prince had never taken drugs and even his ex-wife gave the same statement as his friends and family did.

Was this done by someone? If so, then who was the person? Nothing has yet been found out even when it is more than a year now that Prince is not amongst us.