One Direction Net Worth

How much is One Direction worth?

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One Direction Net Worth

One Direction Net Worth After Zayn Malik Left Group

One Direction net worth is $398 million. In 2015, One Direction net wealth story is quiet complicated when Zayn Malik separated from the band. One Direction has earned an amazing sum of $820 million since 2011. One direction has pulled $544 million from concerts and merchandise get $135 million like hats and shirts. They have paid out $367 million in taxes, thanks to their part in the highest UK tax section of 45%.

One Direction’s net worth is 1.6 times bigger than Taylor Swift’s net worth of $251 million and Rihanna’s net worth of $281 million, 1.4 times bigger. While Selena Gomez’s $45 million net worth is 9 times less than the One Direction net worth entirety. At last, the One Direction net worth fortune is worth 5,858 times as much as the average American family’s net worth of just $68,000.

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One Direction net worth does very well around there, getting huge deals for things like tee shirts, throw blankets, bracelets, DVDs, and even duct tape. A traditionalist gauge of 25% of the band’s show profit gives a lifetime figure of $136 million from merchandising. That is $27 million every year or $5.4 million for each band member per year.

One Direction Net Worth Through Time

YearNet Worth
One Direction Net Worth 2011$34,674,710
One Direction Net Worth 2012$62,163,869
One Direction Net Worth 2013$132,393,785
One Direction Net Worth 2014$273,704,511
One Direction Net Worth 2015$385,589,217
One Direction Net Worth 2016$398,313,661