Pat Benatar Net Worth

How much is Pat Benatar worth?

Net Worth:$50 Million
Date of Birth:January 10, 1953 (70 years old)
Height:1.52 m, 4 ft 11 in
Pat Benatar Net Worth:
$50 Million

Pat Benatar, who is officially known as Patricia Mae Benatar Andrzejewski, is a songwriter, actress, and singer. This American artist is best known for being a Grammy Award winner for more than once. She has made multiple songs and albums that have made her popularity proliferate over the years. Pat has been active in the music business for over four decades and has recorded a high level of success.

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Actor Pat Benatar has a networth that has to be considered very impressive.


Pat Benatar’s desire to make music kicked off when she was only eight years and studying at Daniel Street Elementary School. Her high school life also boosted her courage and a career in music. At some point, she worked at a bank as a teller. In 1971, she decided to drop her work in the bank and focus on her career entirely.

Personal Life

She studied at the University for one year and dropped at the age of 19 years to get married to Dennis Benatar. The two had been a romantic relationship since high school. Dennis is an army draftee by profession and has worked at different security agencies. The couple, however, divorced in 1979 after seven years of commitment due to some complicated marriage issues.

Inspirational Quotes by Pat Benatar

People's lives change dramatically over such a long time period, and I think that if you're still vital, and you're still interested in writing and things like that, of course your music evolves and reflects where you are in your life.

Pat Benatar

If you're retired, it's a blessing. You know, if you want to keep working and doing what you want to do, it's not a blessing as all - it's a curse.

Pat Benatar

Everything changes all the time, and unfortunately, everyone who knows what you do by buying records only hears a small amount of what's going on in your life.

Pat Benatar

Most chick singers say 'if you hurt me, I'll die'... I say, 'if you hurt me, I'll kick your ass.'

Pat Benatar

When you have girl children, they torture you! If at any moment of the day I ever think I'm remotely cool at all, which is hardly ever, I have two daughters who make sure that never happens. They say, 'Mom, you didn't really wear that?' And I say, 'Yes, and pretty much everyone saw it.'

Pat Benatar