Patricia Clarkson Net Worth

How much is Patricia Clarkson worth?

Net Worth:$3 Million
Date of Birth:December 29, 1959 (63 years old)
Height:1.64 m, 5 ft 4 in
Profession:Actor, Voice Actor
Patricia Clarkson Net Worth:
$3 Million

Patricia Clarkson Net Worth: Patricia Clarkson is an American actress who has a net worth of $3 million dollars. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1959, Patricia Clarkson graduated from Fordham University and later the Yale School of Drama with her Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Clarkson made her on-screen debut with an appearance in the 1987 film “The Untouchables”.

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Actor Patricia Clarkson has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.

Personal Life

She studied at Fordham University and Yale School of Drama.

She appeared in the film The Green Mile with Tom Hanks.

Inspirational Quotes by Patricia Clarkson

I'm still traumatized that I'm going to be on a big screen in a white bikini and naked so who knows!

Patricia Clarkson

There are still so many movies made starring 50 men and one woman! A white male actor should never be allowed to complain about anything. Shut up and sit in the corner. I mean, seriously!

Patricia Clarkson

Well did graduate summa cum laude from Fordham University.

Patricia Clarkson

I have to watch the news or my day is not complete.

Patricia Clarkson

I'm really a director's actor. I rely heavily on a director.

Patricia Clarkson