Paul W. S. Anderson Net Worth

How much is Paul W. S. Anderson worth?

Net Worth:$80 Million
Date of Birth:March 4, 1965 (58 years old)
Height:1.91 m, 6 ft 3 in
Profession:Film director, Film Producer, Screenwriter
Paul W. S. Anderson Net Worth:
$80 Million

Paul W.S. Anderson is a British director, screenwriter, and producer who has a net worth of $80 million. That is a combined net worth with his wife, actress Milla Jovovich. Paul is best-known for his work on the “Resident Evil” film series. Aside from generating hundreds of million at the global box office, Resident Evil also happens to be the most successful video game adaptation ever.

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Actor Paul W. S. Anderson has a networth that has to be considered very impressive.

Inspirational Quotes by Paul W. S. Anderson

I grew up in England, and at the time, cinema was very heavy arthouse cinema, and there was no one making movies that were designed to be in multiplexes.

Paul W. S. Anderson

I think, quite often, filmmakers kind of think so much about what the franchise will be and sometimes can neglect to put their efforts into the movie that they are actually making.

Paul W. S. Anderson

I guess it seemed like a natural thing to set 'AvP' in the world of the Alien, rather than the world of the Predator. I always liked the idea of it being on earth.

Paul W. S. Anderson

I've had that recurring dream since I was a child, and a lot of people have different versions of that same dream, where you're running away from something, and it's going kind of slowly, but it's catching up with you, and it will not stop, and you cannot get away from it. Those dreams are manifested in different ways, but most people have them.

Paul W. S. Anderson

Having made a real 3D movie, you realize that, right from the production design, you're designing sets that complement the 3D. You're designing interactive elements, like rain or smoke - all this particulate matter in the air enhances the 3D. But if you're shooting in 2D, you don't know about that.

Paul W. S. Anderson