Rey Mysterio Net Worth

How much is Rey Mysterio worth?

Net Worth:$12 Million
Date of Birth:December 11, 1974 (48 years old)
Height:1.68 m, 5 ft 6 in
Rey Mysterio Net Worth:
$12 Million

Óscar Gutiérrez who is better known to his fans as Rey Mysterio Jr. or just as Rey Mysterio is one of the world’s best cruiserweight champions in the field of wrestling. He is a wrestler of American Origin who is part of the independent circuit. He reached the peak of his career between 1995-2015, being part of the Extreme Championship Wrestling, WWE and World Championship Wrestling.

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Actor Rey Mysterio has a networth that has to be considered high.


Between 1992-1995 he was a wrestler for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, in Mexico. He then went on to join, ‘Extreme Championship Wrestling’ and then ‘World Championship Wrestling.’ In the match called the Great American Bash, he lost against his opponent, Dean Malenko. His opponents at the time included Billy Kidman, Juventud Guerrera, Ultimate Dragon and Psicosis whom he defeated in 1996 at the ‘Bash at the Beach.’

Inspirational Quotes by Rey Mysterio

Sometimes when I get asked by younger wrestlers, 'Do you have any advice for me? What do you think you can help me on?' and I tell them I think the best advice is to try and outdo yourself. Always be unique, always be creative. I think that was part of my success. I never wanted anybody to be on top of me. I always wanted to be number one.

Rey Mysterio

Those who have not seen wrestling before have probably tuned in to 'Lucha Underground' and go, 'Whoa! This is a TV series turned into wrestling.'

Rey Mysterio

We all have split personalities; we all wear masks at some point in our careers.

Rey Mysterio

I am always on the lookout for new gear. If I walk into a Louis Vuitton store, and they have a belt that I don't have, I want it straightaway.

Rey Mysterio

After so many surgeries, I had to modify my game. I know what I can and can't do in order to keep performing for a long period of time.

Rey Mysterio