Song Hye-kyo Net Worth

How much is Song Hye-kyo worth?

Net Worth:$20 Million
Date of Birth:February 26, 1982 (41 years old)
Height:1.61 m, 5 ft 3 in
Profession:Actor, Model
Nationality:South Korea
Song Hye-kyo Net Worth:
$20 Million
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Song Hye-kyo net worth: Song Hye-kyo is a South Korean actress who has a net worth of $20 million. Song Hye-kyo was born in Daiseo District, Daegu, South Korea in November 1981. She was ranked 7th on the Korea Power Celebrity list by Forbes magazine in 2017. Hye-kyo has starred in several films including My Girl and I, Make Yourself at Home, Countdown, A Reason to Live, The Grandmaster, My Brilliant Life, The Crossing: Part 1, The Queens, and The Crossing: Part 2.

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Actor Song Hye-kyo has a networth that has to be considered impressive.

Inspirational Quotes by Song Hye-kyo

People assume that I'm girly. But people who know me say I'm more boyish.

Song Hye-kyo

Just like how male actors get to play varied characters, I would also like to play characters that people don't normally see female characters portraying on screen.

Song Hye-kyo

I usually go to the swimming pool if I want to swim.

Song Hye-kyo

When I begin shooting, I get nervous, as I am under pressure to do my job well.

Song Hye-kyo

For dramas, I've become more careful because now there are specific works that you think of when you hear the name Song Hye-kyo.

Song Hye-kyo