Stacey Dash Net Worth

How much is Stacey Dash worth?

Net Worth:$100 Thousand
Date of Birth:January 20, 1967 (57 years old)
Height:1.63 m, 5 ft 4 in
Stacey Dash Net Worth:
$100 Thousand

Stacey was born January 20, 1967 in Bronx, New York. She has African American, Barbadian, and Mexican ancestry. She started her cmovie career in late eighties and early nineties with many roles that included showing her gorgeous body measurements with a little on or even no clothes on. That includes Tennessee Nights, Illegal in Blue, and other. In 2014, she will be starring as Dr. Annie Jones in movie Lap Dance.

The actor impresses with a net worth of 100000 dollars. Congratulations for this achievement!

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Actor Stacey Dash has a networth that has to be considered relatively low.


Early Career: Stacey made her television debut in the NBC crime drama “Farrell: For the People” starring Valerie Harper and Ed O’Neill in 1982. It unfortunately did not make it past the pilot episode. Stacey then appeared on “The Cosby Show” in 1985, marking her first notable appearance when she played Michelle in the episode “Denise’s Friend.” In 1988 she had a recurring role on “St. Elsewhere.” Dash’s first major movie role was in the Richard Pryor comedy “Moving” in 1988.

Personal Life

Personal Life: Stacey has two children. She had her son Austin (b. 1991) with singer Christopher Williams. Dash married producer Brian Lovell on July 16, 1999. They divorced a few years later. From 2005-2006, she was married to British CEO and executive James Maby. The couple had a daughter, Lola (b. 2003.) Dash married actor Emmanuel Xuereb in 2007 and they got divorced in September 2011.

Inspirational Quotes by Stacey Dash

Stop trying to be men. Let's be women. And let's let men be men. Let's empower them to be men, because I fell like they're falling away.

Stacey Dash

When you get stuff for free, you have no self-worth.

Stacey Dash

What we're doing is we're chipping away at what it is to be a woman and to be feminine. And what it is to be a man and be masculine. We're chipping away at that. I wish we could go back to 'Mad Men' days. I love those days. Men were men. And I love them.

Stacey Dash

We need to be united, and we all need to understand that we're all capable of achieving the American dream. And, but that has to be something that is self-realized. And also, to demonize someone for achieving the American dream is unfair.

Stacey Dash

When you've got education, you've got knowledge and power and confidence to go out in the world.

Stacey Dash