Tiger Woods Net Worth: Wondering Why It’s Not a Billion Yet

How much is Tiger Woods worth?

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Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods Net Worth: Wondering Why It’s Not a Billion Yet

In 2016, Tiger Woods’ net worth around $825 million. Almost 90% of the Tiger Woods net worth comes from sponsorship. Since 1996 He has made $1.3 billion in sponsor dollars, however his net worth comes in short of a billion for two reasons, that is divorce and taxes.

Woods has earned about $1.5 billion amid his profession. He got $29 million from investments and business bargains. However, $576 million in expenses and a divorce settlement of $100 million thump the hotshot golfer’s net worth down beneath the billion mark.

The Tiger Woods net worth figure of $826 million is 41 times bigger than Bubba Watson’s net worth of $20 million, then Phil Mickelson’s total asset is 1/5th of Tiger Woods’ net worth with $180 million. Shouldn’t something be said about Jack Nicklaus? The amazing golf star has an expected $280 million.

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Arnold Palmer approaches Tiger Woods’ net worth with $675 million. Another golfer who does genuinely well contrasted with Tiger Woods is Greg Norman with $300 million. That is about 33% of Tiger Woods’ net worth.

In 2010, Tiger Woods experienced a profoundly plugged separation from wife Ellen Nordegren. The divorce was reputed at an ideal opportunity to cost Woods upwards of $700 million. A house worth $60 million did not subtract a penny of the Tiger Woods total assets math.