Tony Randall Net Worth

How much is Tony Randall worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of Birth:January 26, 1920
Date of Death:May 17, 2004 (84 years old)
Height:1.73 m, 5 ft 8 in
Profession:Actor, Comedian, Film director, Film Producer, Record producer, Voice Actor
Nationality:United States of America
Tony Randall Net Worth:
$10 Million
Tony Randall looking dazzling as ever, having an astounding net worth doesn't hurt either, of course

Tony Randall Net Worth: Tony Randall was an American actor and producer who had a net worth of $10 million dollars. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 26, 1920, Randall was best known for playing Felix Unger in The Odd Couple. He became active in the entertainment industry in the 1940s, starting with small roles on Broadway.

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Actor Tony Randall has a networth that has to be considered pretty high.

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We have too many actors for the jobs available.

Tony Randall

The real thing is, you should be seeing these plays in the Theatre. That's what they were written for. That's where the enjoyment is. Studying them is no enjoyment whatsoever.

Tony Randall

Everyone town of 100,000 in the United States should have a Classical Theater supported by the town, or the state of the county, or the Federal Government, as they have in every civilized country.

Tony Randall

I was on the Johnny Carson show, I believe 114 or 104 times. And aside from those times on the air, I never spoke to him. I never met him.

Tony Randall

Well, I'm a tape-recording nut. I like to play my tapes.

Tony Randall