Warren Edward Buffett Net Worth

How much is Warren Edward Buffett worth?

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Warren Edward Buffett Net Worth

Net Worth of Warren Buffet and Lifestyle

Warren Edward Buffett net worth estimated is US $67 billion. Warren Edward Buffet is another most successful investor in the century after Bill Gates and Carlos Slim. He is additionally in the main 10 wealthiest people of the world as he is an American magnate and an investor. He procures $37 million day by day and around 1.57 million dollars for every hour daily.

Warren Buffet is a CEO and one of the biggest shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. He has incredible differing qualities in his business holds insurance, media, food, beverage industry and energy. He provides about $30 million for the philanthropy purposes. The astounding reality about Warren Buffett is that he is an extremely rich person bit despite everything he spends his money economically. According his statement ” Standard of living is not equal to the cost of living “.

He adores watching sports on TV and eating junk foods. He adores eating food from Mcdonald’s hamburger or sandwiches and cherry coke. He loves his employment and his ways of life too. He is living in a house with 5 rooms in Omaha. He lives in this house from most recent 55 years and he got it in 1958 in $31,500. His home named as Nebraska House. Warren Buffet also owns a mansion named as laguna Beach Mansion, which is around 1.1 million located in California. He drives a simple car that is Linclon Town.