Zhao Wei Net Worth

How much is Zhao Wei worth?

Net Worth:$1 Billion
Date of Birth:March 12, 1976 (47 years old)
Height:1.66 m, 5 ft 5 in
Profession:Actor, Film director, Musician, Singer, Spokesperson
Zhao Wei Net Worth:
$1 Billion

Zhao Wei is a Chinese actress, film director, and pop singer who has a net worth of $1 billion. She is considered to be one of the Four Dan Actresses in China. She went on to earn a massive fortune thanks to an early investment in several media and tech companies, notably Alibaba Pictures.

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Actor Zhao Wei has a networth that has to be considered jaw droppingly high, not to say inspiring.


In 1998 Wei starred as Xiao Yan Zi in the TV series Huan zhu ge ge and she reprised the role in 1999 in Huan zhu ge ge 2. The same year she starred as Ji Xiang in the series My Cousin Ji Xiang. In 2000 Zhao starred as Lu Jianping in the television series Treasure Venture. In 2001 she starred in the TV series Profound Love in Heavy Rain as Lu Yiping.

Inspirational Quotes by Zhao Wei

My daughter's position in our household is definitely higher than mine. I listen to her a lot. I guess you can say that's my parenting style.

Zhao Wei

For a film to be excellent, everybody working on it must also be excellent.

Zhao Wei

I wouldn't want people to laugh at me. That's why I have to give all that I can, and at least produce something that I will be proud of.

Zhao Wei

Wine is getting more important in the Chinese lifestyle.

Zhao Wei

When I was a child, I longed to leave my parents and just roam about.

Zhao Wei