Andrew Lincoln Net Worth

How much is Andrew Lincoln worth?

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Date of Birth:September 14, 1973 (50 years old)
Andrew Lincoln Net Worth

Andrew Lincoln Net Worth

Andrew Lincoln Net Worth: How Much Does ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Make?

Andrew Lincoln is an English actor with estimated net worth of $16 million. Lincoln salary per scene of The Walking Dead is $650 thousand. His first prominent part being on the BBC TV shows This Life. This was disclosed in the late 1990s. His next primary role was on another British show called Teachers. He then turned out to be further known in the wake of finding a featuring part in the British troupe romantic film Love Actually, However it was on the TV series The Walking Dead that got him international unmistakable quality. Lincoln plays the lead part on the shows that has since brought forth a great many fans worldwide and is as of now on its 6th season. He is paid $90,000 per scene of The Walking Dead.

In 2010, Andrew Lincoln was thrown in the part that would make him a superstar, as Rick Grimes in “The Walking Dead”. Andrew Lincoln has been married to Gael Anderson since 2006. Gael is the little girl of Ian Anderson, lead vocalist and flute player for the rock band Jethro Tull.

Other actors from “The Walking Dead“ to check out about his net worth is Norman Reedus has a net worth of $18 million. His pay per scene of The Walking Dead is $650,000. Jon Bernthal has a net worth of $2 million dollars and compensation of $80,000 per scene of The Walking Dead.

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Payment from Movie

The Walking Dead$2,000,000
Strike Back$1,600,000
Wuthering Heights$888,889
Untitled Barry Sonnenfeld TV Pilot$727,273
The Things I Haven’t Told You$571,429
This Life + 10$444,444
The Pro$400,000
Scenes of a Sexual Nature$320,000
Total money of above$9,428,225

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