Catherine Paiz Net Worth

How much is Catherine Paiz worth?

Net Worth: $2 Million
Last Updated: 2020
Catherine Paiz Net Worth:
$2 Million

Catherine Paiz net worth: Catherine Paiz is a Canadian actress and social media personality who has a net worth of $2 million. She is perhaps best known for being one half of the YouTube couple The ACE Family.

It's hard to look sad when you have as much money as Catherine PaizCatherine Paiz looking dazzling as ever, having an astounding net worth doesn't hurt either, of course

Catherine Paiz was born in Montreal, Canada in August 1990. She is married to Austin McBroom. Paiz has more than 7.5 million followers on Instagram. Her YouTube channel with her husband has more than 18 million subscribers and her video The Best Proposal of All Time has more than 35 million views. In 2019 she starred on the TV mini-series The ACE Family Documentary: Welcome to Our Life. Paiz appeared in the video shorts The ACE Family: Giddy Up in 2019 and The ACE Family: Only One in 2020. As an actress she appeared in the films Lilin’s Brood and Monday Nights at Seven in 2016 and You Can’t Have It in 2017.

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Actor Catherine Paiz has a networth that has to be considered more than decent.