Ray J Net Worth

How much is Ray J worth?

Net Worth:N/A
Date of Birth:January 17, 1981 (43 years old)
Ray J Net Worth

Ray J Net Worth

Ray J Net Worth And Assets $18 million

Ray J net worth is calculated at $18 million. Ray J is one of the Millionaire American vocalists who have made a decent name and riches in the music industry. As of now, he is winning $4M yearly. Ray J has worked with the top big names like Timbaland, R Kelly and all are a source of his income and it is evaluated that his yearly compensation adds up to 4 million dollars!

Ray J apparently has profited from the notorious sex tape that he shot with Kim Kardashian. The Home Video acquires Ray J a few sovereignties, up to $90,000 every 3 months, which is about $360,000 yearly. In spite of the fact that the video was discharged over 10 years prior yet it’s a viable source of income for Ray Jay net worth.

Though Kim sued Ray J for the video tape however the matter was settled by court and Kim got an immense measure of cash her for part out the video. When Kim’s popularity builds, he sees a help in his eminences, for example, whenever she is the news, his royalties can get as high as $50,000 weekly.

Ray J has had various issues with the Law. Once Ray J punched Fabulous in the face prompting his arrest. In 2014 he also attacked a cop after an accident at a hotel in California. Ray J got a notice for driving while talking on his telephone that year.

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