Bono U2 Net Worth

How much is Bono U2 worth?

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Bono U2 Net Worth

Bono U2 Net Worth

Wondering Can Bono Be a Billionaire? Here’s Bono’s Net Worth in 2017

Bono net worth is estimated $600.0 million through shrewd contributing and being a good business practices. Bono’s $86.0 million investment in the online networkin totaled approximately 2.3%; he made this venture with his partners who make up the whole of Elevation Partners. Regardless of the possibility that that rate was part uniformly, Bono still misses the mark concerning the billionaire club.

Forbes refers to U2 as having made an astounding $500.0 million off shows in the most recent 10 years alone. They’ve additionally left a mark on the world with their U2 360 Degrees tour, netting a record $736 million in the two years of circumnavigating the globe from 2009 to 2011, and offering more than 7 million tickets. The U2 is said to have stashed $195.0 million of that aggregate.

When Bono isn’t occupied with making millions in front of an audience with his band mates, he’s out attempting to save the world. He’s for some time been known as an activist who has given millions to a few causes. His latest partnership with Revo extravagance shades is another case of his philanthropy since $10.00 of every deal will go towards vision care, which is fitting since Bono himself confesses to having suffered from glaucoma for 20 years.

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Payment from this Album

Rattle and Hum$150,000,000
The Simpsons$120,000,000
Classic Albums$100,000,000
The Million Dollar Hotel$66,666,667
Sightings of Bono$54,545,455
Across The Universe$30,000,000
U2 3D$24,000,000
Total money of above$707,116,883

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