Jaime Pressly Net Worth

How much is Jaime Pressly worth?

Net Worth: $20 Million
Salary: $75 Thousand Per Episode
Date of Birth: 1977-07-30
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Profession: Actor, Model, Film Producer
Nationality: United States of America
Jaime Pressly Net Worth:
$20 Million

Jaime Pressly Net Worth: Jaime Pressly is an American actress and model who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Most widely recognized for her Emmy–winning role on “My Name is Earl”, Jaime Pressly has also appeared in a number of films and other television shows including, “Not Another Teen Movie”, “Torque”, and “Rules of Engagement”. Born Jaime Elizabeth Pressly on July 30, 1977, in Kinston, North Carolina, US, she made a name for herself playing Joy Turner on the NBC sitcom My Name Is Earl. Thanks to her gorgeous looks, Pressly landed career in modeling at an early age, being only 14 when she graced the cover of Teen Magazine. This helped her get several high profile modeling appointments internationally. Pressly entered the world of acting at the age of 20 as Violet in Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (1997). Even though being a good-natured Southern actress with great affinity for comedy, she gained full attention for her provocative layout in Playboy in 1998. Naturally, she then got femme fatale roles in a string of B-movies that primarily focused on her physique. These include such features as the teen comedy “Can’t Hardly Wait” (1998), as well as some more menial roles in the forgettable features “Inferno” (1999) and “Poor White Trash” (2000). Meanwhile, she could be also seen on the small screen on the all-too-brief shows “Push” (ABC, 1998) and “Jack and Jill” (The WB, 1999-2001). After a series of diverse variety of projects like “Joe Dirt” (2001), “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001), “Karate Dog” (2004) and “Death to Supermodels” (2005), she got the role of Joy Hickey, ex-wife and chief nemesis to Jason Lee on the popular comedy “My Name Is Earl” (NBC, 2005-09). Finally being able to show off her natural skill for broad comedy, her portrayal of the crass and selfish Joy, fetched her several accolades, including an Emmy Award.

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Jaime Pressly Salary What is Jaime Pressly’s salary on I Hate My Teenage Daughter? $75,000 per episode

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Determination is kind of like rhythm: you can't teach it.

Jaime Pressly

It's like the old thing: The parents stay together for the kids, but the kids know that you don't want to be together. The kids would rather you be happy - and separate - than together and miserable. I don't want my kid to grow up around two parents who just don't work.

Jaime Pressly

Being invisible would be pretty great. You could watch everybody, sneak into places and know what people were saying.

Jaime Pressly

So many Hollywood actresses become successful and then just keep on going - they miss out on having a partner and a baby and end up lonely.

Jaime Pressly

I was emancipated at 15 and off to Japan on a contract working. I felt for my parents. I apologized profusely years later, but I was just very strong-willed and strong-minded and had my own idea - thought outside of the box.

Jaime Pressly