Melissa Gilbert Net Worth

How much is Melissa Gilbert worth?

Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Date of Birth: May 8, 1964 (56 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.6 m)
Profession: Actor, Television Director, Voice Actor, Businessperson
Nationality: United States of America
Last Updated: 2019
Melissa Gilbert Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth: Melissa Gilbert is an American actress and director who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Born in 1964 in Los Angeles, California, Melissa Gilbert started acting in commercials and on TV shows when she was a child. She earned the starring role of Laura Ingalls Wilder on “Little House on the Prairie” from 1974 until 1983. She also appeared in several TV movies as a child and teen actress. After the show’s end, Gilbert appeared mostly in TV movies and feature films, including “Sylvester”, “Blood Vows: The Story of a Mafia Wife”, “Killer Instinct”, “Without Her Consent”, “Forbidden Nights”, “The Lookalike”, “Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story”, “Cries from the Heart”, “The Soul Collector”, and “Hollywood Wives: The New Generation”. She voiced Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in “Batman: The Animated Series” from 1992 until 1994 and had a main role on “Sweet Justice” as Kate Delacroy from 1994 until 1995. Gilbert competed on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2012, but was eliminated during the eighth week. She has been nominated for one Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Special for “The Miracle Worker” in 1980 and for one Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama for “Little House on the Prairie”. She won two Young Artist Awards for her work on the iconic show. Gilbert served as president of the Screen Actors Guild from 2001 until 2005, when she decided not to seek re-election. In her 2009 memoir, “Prairie Tale”, Gilbert documents her battle with alcohol and drug abuse. Gilbert has been romantically linked to several actors, including Rob Lowe, Billy Idol, John Cusack, Scott Baio, and Tom Cruise. She married actor Bo Brinkman in 1988 and gave birth to their son a year later. Gilbert and Brinkman divorced in 1992. She was then married to actor Bruce Boxleitner from 1995-2011. She has been married to actor Timothy Busfield since 2013.

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Don't like small talk, love rainy days.

Melissa Gilbert

I grew up in a dysfunctional family.

Melissa Gilbert

My mother, whom I love dearly, has continually revised my life story within the context of a complicated family history that includes more than the usual share of divorce, step-children, dysfunction, and obfuscation. I've spent most of my adult life attempting to deconstruct that history and separate fact from fiction.

Melissa Gilbert

Thank God I have four sons. The mother/daughter relationship is one of mankind's great mysteries, and for womankind, it can be hellaciously complicated. My mother and I are quintessential examples of the rewards and frustrations, and the joys and infuriations it can yield.

Melissa Gilbert