Rick Springfield Net Worth

How much is Rick Springfield worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Date of Birth:August 23, 1949 (74 years old)
Height:1.85 m, 6 ft
Profession:Rock Singer
Rick Springfield Net Worth:
$15 Million

Rick Springfield, born, Richard Lewis Springthorpe is a celebrated singer, vocalist, actor and author. He, throughout his artistic career, has donned many hats and has proven himself to be a true artistic virtuoso. He came into the limelight with his No.1 single “Jesse’s Girl”.

The rock singer is looking content, and why shouldn't he with such a decent net worth?

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Actor Rick Springfield has a networth that has to be considered high.


Rick Springfield’s advent in signing began when he first started playing the guitar at the age of 13. He lived in England from 1958-1963 fore fronting several bands, while still in high school. At only 19, he joined the band “Rockhouse”, which later came to be known as “MPD Ltd” in 1968 and began his first tour in Vietnam.

Personal Life

He married Barbara Porter on October 27, 1984 and they raised two children together.

In 2015, he played Dr. Irving Pitlor on the HBO series True Detective (season 2) alongside Colin Farrell.

Inspirational Quotes by Rick Springfield

I would practice while listening to records or learn from musicians who were better than I was.

Rick Springfield

When someone pursues music through your music, that's the greatest accolade anybody can get.

Rick Springfield

Yes, all my songs come from personal experience and relationships.

Rick Springfield

You're always searching for the thing to heal you, and I thought therapy would give me that. But it didn't - it just helps you recognize your demons.

Rick Springfield

I get inspired at different times and in different ways.

Rick Springfield