David Charvet Net Worth

How much is David Charvet worth?

Net Worth:$30 Million
Date of Birth:May 15, 1972 (51 years old)
Height:1.83 m, 6 ft
Profession:Actor, Singer
Nationality:United States of America
David Charvet Net Worth:
$30 Million

David Charvet net worth and salary: David Charvet is a French singer and actor who has a net worth of $30 million. David is probably best-known for starring on the series Baywatch in the 1990s. He is also notable for his former marriage to model/actress Brooke Burke, with whom he has two children.

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Actor David Charvet has a networth that has to be considered impressive.

Inspirational Quotes by David Charvet

People like reality; I think it's always happened from the Roman times, when people used to go to a coliseum and watch people compete against each other. I think networks and cable channels find it an easier way of producing and putting things together, because people will watch it and it's cheaper.

David Charvet

I think it's a lot easier to put together a reality show than to actually create a scripted show.

David Charvet

Speaking from experience, because I have three daughters, I think it's always important to give your daughter the confidence that she needs so that she won't look elsewhere for approval and feeling love and acceptance.

David Charvet

I'm just constantly trying to be a good dad.

David Charvet

I had five sisters and one brother, so having a big family is a given for me, but now being a father, and trying to be a good father, I already have my work cut out for me.

David Charvet